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Hi everyone! So, obviously I haven’t been online in a very long time, but I have exams and stuff for school that I’ve been studying for, so I haven’t been able to come on tumblr at all. Plus my laptop is really slow (it’s 6 years old!) but I have found an app on my phone that I can use to edit confessions now! So if you want to get something off your chest then post in my ask and I will post it on here!

I haven’t been on this blog in such a long time so I’m going to upload some of the confessions I’ve had. Sorry for taking so long to make them. If you would like to leave a confession click here!

teenquotes556 asked:
Very sorry.. Im on my ipod and it didnt let me reply back ! My Names Jayda(: Nice to meet you!;p

It’s cool :) Nice to meet you too Jayda

teenquotes556 asked:
Hey, I love your posts! :) Whats your name?:p

Thank you :) and my name’s rhiannon lol, yours?